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Aggies Go Global

More than 700 NMSU students have gone global to more than 60 Countries on 6 Continents through our program since 2009!

AGG is a resource to help students finance and participate in non-credit international experiences such as conferences, research and volunteering abroad. Please review the resources available on our site - when you are ready to talk about your goals, contact Angelina Palumbo. If you are emailing from a web-based email account email Angelina at

About the Program

Aggies Go Global (AGG) provides advising and financial support to NMSU students seeking non-credit international experiences outside the classroom.

AGG works with students to locate and develop an international opportunity to gain experience related to their field of study. AGG assists students to:

  • Create independent projects that defy traditional boundaries or classifications
  • Conduct research for a project
  • Assist with non-credit internship opportunities

Saving San Cristobal from Stevee Chapman on Vimeo.

There are many volunteer opportunities around the world! Some that NMSU students have used include UBELONG, Kaya Responsible Travel, IVHQ and Academia Latinoamericana. All offer many enriching and educational experiences. Students at NMSU receive support to participate in these programs by UBELONG and other agencies.

Sarah Boothe, NMSU graduate, participated in this UNELONG sponsored program at the Galapagos, with the support of Aggies Go Global. Sarah is currently involved in a water project in Cambodia.

Aggies Go Global Students
Image of aggies go global students

The Global Citizen's Project is a scholarship program that provides NMSU students with the resources to have a global experience, who may not otherwise have the opportunity to go abroad. Combined with leadership workshops, learning how to engage in the local and global community and spending 8 days in Costa Rica on a non-credit faculty-led program, selected participants will have the opportunity to become a Global Citizen Leader. Apply Now!!

The best way to see what is possible is to see what others have done. Take a look at the blogs below from our students.

"I am and will continue to be, for the remainder of my time here, in sensory overload. My heart belongs to the Cambodian children."

Erica Montoya, Cambodia 2011