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Program Deliverables

Aggies Go Global will benefit both students and New Mexico by:

  • Developing skills that will enable graduates to better function in intercultural and cross-cultural contexts.
  • Preparing informed citizens to create and evaluate public policies of a global nature.
  • Creating an interdependent campus-wide environment that is responsive to student aspirations for international learning and career opportunities.
  • Increasing the number of globally skilled graduates for business, government, and non-profit organizations in New Mexico and beyond.
  • Enhancing global opportunities for New Mexico trade and business.

Aggies Go Global Activities

  • Sustainably grow and enhance undergraduate and graduate international learning experiences.
  • Provide a mentoring program to link students with NMSU's international network.
  • Develop and promote campus conference and seminars to foster discussion about international issues and global challenges.
  • Facilitate connection between faculty doing international work and students

Support Aggies Go Global

The ACES College has launched a new foundation account that will be used to help support undergraduate students have a non-credit international experience. This fund will help pay for student scholarships and will serve as a springboard for securing permanent endowment-backed program funding. To support, please Give to AGG or download the brochure and email Heber Lara.

NMSU employees can support Aggies Go Global through a payroll deduction!

Business Extra: For anyone who flies American Airlines and have a frequent flyer account they can do the following to support NMSU students going abroad through Aggies Go Global.

  1. Open the AA web site and sign in with your Frequent Flyer number.

  2. Open up the "My Account" tab.

  3. Once this is open, there will be a link to "Reservations Preferences." Scroll down to the bottom of this entry and a "Booking Preferences" link should appear and in this section there should be a box labeled "Business Extra Number". In this box the person should put the following number in: 848599. Click Save.

If this is done, then any future American Air reservation will earn points for the AGG Business Extra Account and the passenger still earns award miles. You will not lose out on your personal miles! Thank you for support AGG and NMSU students abroad!

For more information or to support the program, contact Heber Lara at