2019 Global Citizens at Monte Verde, Costa Rica

2019 Global Citizens
(Left to right, top then bottom row) Dr. Gabriela Moreno, Isa Casillas, Kiara Holloway, Daniela Pedroza Rodriguez, Kimberley Pestovich, Cynthia Lujan, Monte Verde Reserve guide, Shannon Rodriguez, Dr. Eric Morgan, Guadalupe Ochoa, Cordell Pacheco, Jessica Garcia, and Mitzy Lugo
Crop Rows Costa Rica

Farm Goat Students
Mitzy Lugo and Cordell Pacheco tending to the kids.
Costa Rica Tree
Shannon Rodriguez becoming part of the breathtaking forest.
Costa Rica Field Work
Kimberley Pestovich hard at work with the delegation.
Costa Rica Big Leaf
Cordell Pacheco marveling in the foliage.
Monte Verde Wall Art

Costa Rica Food
Costa Rica Students

Forest Costa Rica
Jessica Garcia keeping cool and dry.
Costa Rica Coffee
(Left to right) Isa Casillas and Daniela Pedroza Rodriguez adding some flair to the afternoon coffee.