NMSU-CAU 1 + 1 Graduate Exchange Program

As part of the New Mexico State University-China Agriculture University exchange program, five New Mexico State University graduate students toured the Shiyanghe Experimental Station and project sites in the Gansu Province's Shiyang River Basin of northwest China. There, they saw up-close the impact of desertification due to drought and man-induced water shortage, and the efforts of the common-person to reclaim their ancestral lands. For the complete story, see the Sun-News Article.

Meet the NMSU students of the 2019 NMSU-CAU 1 + 1 Graduate Exchange Program!

  • Emily Creegan
  • Esmaiil Mokari
  • Curt Pierce
  • Jeremy Schallner
  • Shanelle Trail

Accompanied by NMSU associate professor David DuBois.