Aggies Go Global

AGG activities will continue to be conducted online. To speak to someone directly, please contact Heber Lara ( 575-646-2884) for an appointment.

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NMSU students have gone global to 70 Countries on 6 Continents through our program since 2009!

The Mission

The mission of Aggies Go Global (AGG) is to provide students with international opportunities and experiences to stimulate their educational, professional, and interpersonal development.

Program Goals

AGG is actively addressing student-identified needs by working to cultivate and enhance cultural awareness by collaborating with globally experienced campus and community members. This commitment to augmenting international experiences is fulfilled through inclusion of the diverse group of students at NMSU. AGG program is committed to serving qualified students with documented disability in accordance with NMSU policy. Program goals also include extending funding and resources to students who have not yet traveled or would not have traveled otherwise, as well those who have traveled.

Program Benefits

AGG programs benefit both NMSU students and the state of New Mexico by:

  • Providing every student an opportunity to have an inspiring international experience
  • Creating an interdependent, campus-wide environment that is responsive to student aspirations for international learning and career opportunities
  • Developing skills that can enable graduates to better function in intercultural and cross-cultural contexts and make them more competitive globally
  • Connecting NMSU students to resources that will help them conduct research for an academic project, attend conferences in their desired field, or participate in volunteer initiatives abroad
  • Preparing informed citizens to create and evaluate public policies with a global perspective

Am I Eligible?

Aggies Go Global supports NMSU students at all levels spanning across all majors, departments and colleges.

About the Program

Program Funding

AGG can provide assistance with travel costs for international experiences that are not for class credit such as internships, research, conferences, or volunteering. Funding awards are based on what the student seeks to gain, personally and professionally, from their international experience, the work the student has put towards additional funding, and their plan to bring their experiences back to the NMSU community.

How the Program Works

Make an appointment with AGG to talk about your vision for an international experience. Whether you have a set plan or no idea at all, AGG can help get you oriented. AGG also provides several group trips a year catering to specific student populations. Stay tuned for information on upcoming group opportunities, which can be found under "Group Trips 2019/2020" in the sidebar.


  • Full-time NMSU student at time of application and travel
  • For conferences, students must be presenting, and for volunteering or internships, students must go for a minimum of 3-4 weeks
  • The student must not gain class credit from the experience
  • Priority is given to students who have not received AGG funding in the past and students who have never been abroad

Process to Apply:
E-mail Heber Lara ( to make an appointment and discuss ideas and options. When you are ready with a plan, he will provide you with the Aggies Go Global Funding Proposal to complete. Funding awards are based on the proposal and the funding available.

Please contact Heber at least six (6) weeks before your travel dates. Deadline can be flexible pending circumstances/how much of your plan is prepared.