NMSU Contacts

  • NMSU Office of Education Abroad
    This is the place to go for class-credit experiences, such as semesters or short courses abroad. Education Abroad Programs & Exchange Visitor Services, a division of International & Border Programs, develops and manages study abroad programs for NMSU, organizes support services for inbound exchange students and outbound study abroad students enrolled in established programs, coordinates study abroad Scholarship programs, and coordinates the Exchange Visitor J-1 Visa Program for incoming exchange professors, researchers, specialists, short-term scholars, and students.
  • International Travel Procedures
    The one-stop-shop to getting international travel approved by NMSU and getting international travel insurance. Here is all the necessary paperwork: International Travel Form and Waiver and Exemption to Travel Warning, if that is necessary for you. There is also information on how to complete the forms and submit them.
  • Center for Academic Advising & Student Support
    Committed to fostering self-direction, personal responsibility, and assisting you with career planning and employment goals. A variety of programs and services are offered to aid in locating employment.
  • Cooperative Education & Internship Program
    "Our mission is to provide experience-based learning for NMSU students through paid employment in practical, curriculum-related work assignments structured to meet student’s interests, abilities, and career goals while meeting employers’ needs. The essence of the Cooperative Education program is a partnership effort where the student, the employer, and the University all participate on an equal basis in an effort to make the educational experience richer and more meaningful."