2019 Indigenous Environmental Exchange in Guatemala

Indian Resource Development (IRD) Program - Delegation 2019

In spring of 2019, the NMSU Indian Resource and Development Program collaborated with Guatemala-based organization, Network in Solidarity of the People of Guatemala (NISGUA), to foster a collection of experiences in environmental leadership and cultural exchange that would be accessible to indigenous youth at the university. The ten selected NMSU students learned from Indigenous environmental leaders and further developed not only their burgeoning leadership skills, but of the connections that cultures share when a people's well-being are altogether tethered to the well-being of the earth around us.

Aggies Go Global shared the opportunity to help fund the delegation's eight-day travels through beautiful Guatemala.

For more information, visit the NISGUA webpage.

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Guatemala, Chixoy River, Indigenous Exchange
All IRD Environmental Exchange students, NISGUA facilitators, NMSU Staff, and road warriors enjoying the banks of the
Chixoy before departing for Guatemala City
Guatemala, Indigenous Students, Flag
(From right to left) Carrying the Navajo Nation flag, Chantelle John, Elijah Harry, Reyaun Francisco, Anna Benally, and Buffy Charley represent their communities at the schools of Copal AA
Village Meeting, Guatemala mountains, hiking
The delegation, Jose Gomez Garcia and his family, and NISGUA facilitators making their way up the mountains to meet with representatives of the Association of Communities for Development and Defense of Land and Natural Resources (ACODET)
Charlene Juanico, Casa de la Memoria, Guatemala City
(Right to left) Fabiola Garcia and Charlene Juanico having reached the end of the eye-opening, sobering, and hope-inspiring tour at Casa de la Memoria.
Guatemala mountain hike
Hiking through Las Margaritas to the ACODET meeting.
Chixoy River, bathing
(From right to left) Kori Marmon, Totiona Grey, and Adrienne Dawes enjoying the first long-awaited bath in the Chixoy River.
Guatemalan food, tortillas
A wholesome meal of chicken, tortillas, and rice.
Village Meeting Guatemala
Sharing dialogue with community leaders in Copal AA on diversified agro-ecology techniques, Indigenous leadership, and defending the Chixoy River from dam obstruction.
Kori Marmon washing hands
Kori Marmon rinsing her toothbrush in the pila (giant sink) at Copal AA's community center.
Anna Benally Chixoy River
Anna Benally enjoying a dip in the Chixoy River after a long day of hiking and meetings.
Chantelle, flag
Being majestic and representing the Diné with the Navajo Nation flag waving behind Chantelle John.